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 Guide To Money Making!

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Guide To Money Making! Empty
PostSubject: Guide To Money Making!   Guide To Money Making! Icon_minitimeThu Aug 20, 2009 1:50 pm

Ok This Guide Is For Money Making This Is Pritty Basic Stuff. They Go In A Cycle Richer You Get More Stuff You Can Do

1.Barrows>Kill All Barrows Brother Watch Out For Ahrim And Verac Because They Hit I recommend 1.2 Prayer pots 2.20 sharks 3. p pot set. 4. 43+ prayer. ok then use prayer on ahrim and kill with melee,if your mager and ranger find a safespot because verac doesnt get effected by the prayer!(adding pics soon)

2. Kq> Kill Kalphlite Queen Risky But You Get Drops Like Claws And Barrows Whip Recommended Are...1.Full Verac You Need To attack 2. dragon boots or if you can afford rouge boots 3. amulet of fury. I use protect range it works best on kq there no safe spots in kq so good lcuk Smile (adding pics soon)

Lower Level Guide!

1.Start Thief until you get 2m which you need 99 theif for which is about 15-20 mins long! very short Smile

2. after tht head to shops buy some gear you want if you want to do :: pure up to you.

3.then head to edgeville pk and see if anyone is there just kill people here starter gear can be sold for 1m ea.

4. then head back to edgeville sucessfull or not. then go to places like pc. and get void and sell for about 200m ea.

5. or get slayer up and kill abysal demon's for whips or kill dark beast's for dark bows!

6. or try merching its a quick and easy way say i buy claws for 1b i sell for 1.2b thats a 200m profit dont seem that much but then do it over and over again and in the end have max cash and a pair of d claws! awsome!

7.try kbd out only drops i know are dfs and d claws and they are common. so if you kill him you get good stuff but he can k0 everyone.

<pic's soon>
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Guide To Money Making! Empty
PostSubject: RE:Guide To Money Making   Guide To Money Making! Icon_minitimeThu Aug 20, 2009 2:29 pm

Rep++ And First Post!
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Guide To Money Making!
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